The smile that
goes a long way

We believe that every guest, visitor, and employee deserves a perfect experience, from arrival to departure. We offer this by arranging a hospitality service that is tailored to your event.

Our hosts and hostesses know how to provide a service that is designed from the guest’s point of view. By creating a flawless guest journey, we turn every event into a successful meeting and every visitor into a fan of your organization.


Our hosts and hostesses have the ability to make moments matter. They interact with your guests in a professional and warm fashion. People who attend your event see their every need tended to, after having been welcomed with a sincere smile.


All of our hosts are well-mannered, intelligent, and highly representative. They know how to assist and guide your guests, without having to be instructed to do so. You enjoy your event together with your relations, because you know your are all in good hands.


Throughout the event, our hosts keep superseding your guests’ expectations. They are versatile and can be deployed in banqueting, at the hospitality desk, or at the vip-service.


At many events, the departure of guests has not been planned properly. Our hosts know how important both the first and last impression are. From the start of your event, till the very last guest has left the building, they act professionally and represent you with a smile.

Custom hospitality, always!

At the Hospitality Academy we have over 15 years of experience providing the highest level of hospitality at events for the corporate and public sector.

In today’s world, where time is valuable and technology is changing the way we interact, our hosts and hostesses reintroduce personal attention. Through their professional assistance and care, they allow you and your guests to fortify your relation while enjoying a flawless event.

Our 5 guarantees

  1. The right care for your guests, at the right moment, always
  2. Clear communication and transparent reporting
  3. Involved and alert, from start to finish
  4. Highly representative appearance and excellent personal styling
  5. Professional trainings and instructions

Put us to work

We would love to contribute to the success of you event. Tell us about your wishes and let us surprise you with our approach.