Can you handle our clients?

Our clients know their business. And they expect the same from you. Do you think you can handle the clients of The Hospitality Agency? Then read on!

What’s your story?

Working for The Hospitality Agency means excelling on the highest level of hospitality. Our clients are companies, organizations, and firms that know their business inside out. For their events they request only the best hosts and hostesses.

What do we offer?

At The Hospitality Agency we truly want to make a difference in how guests experience an event. You will make sure every guest experiences a perfect event, from arrival to departure. Approaching people is something you enjoy. You are good at listening and offer service based on personal preferences of the guest. You’re responsible for reception, registration, wardrobe, assistance, banqueting, and departure.

What else do we offer?

  • Salary above market standard;
  • Travel expenses;
  • Beautiful clothing and footwear;
  • Make-up and hair styling before events;
  • During events, pictures and or video might be recorded.

What do you bring?

  • We like experience, we love personality;
  • Personal service, professional skills, and dedication;
  • A highly representative personality in attitude and in appearance;
  • Strong and clear communication, in Dutch and in English;
  • A passion for the catering industry;
  • A flexible agenda, you don’t mind working nights and weekends.


Tell us your story and apply now!